Rescue and retirement facilities play a role in providing care or finding new owners for horses that are considered unwanted.

The UHC does not endorse one particular facility. However, if you’ve decided that a rescue or retirement facility is the best option for your horse, we strongly encourage you to read the "Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities," developed by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, and ensure the facility you’re considering operates by these guidelines.

Although the vast majority of rescue and retirement facilities are run honestly and with the horses’ best interests, it doesn't hurt to tour the facility and ensure all horses are properly cared for. While you are visiting a facility, be sure to examine the surroundings. Will they allow you to look around? How do the horses look? Is the place neat, clean and free of debris?

Equine rescue and retirement facilities can be found by using any search engine on the World Wide Web or by contacting the American Horse Council.

The following PDF documents include resources provided by UHC member organizations:

About Unwanted Horses
The Final Turn: Own Responsibly, by Dr. Tom Lenz (Copyright, Blood-Horse Publications)
The Plight of the Unwanted Horse: Scope of the Problem (AAEP)
FAQs About Unwanted Horses in the U.S. (AAEP)
The Current Status of Rescue
Retirement and Adoption Farms: A Step in the Right Direction (AAEP)
Taking the "Un" Out of Unwanted Horses (
Thoroughbred Owners of California Creates Charitable Retirement Fund for Retired Racehorses (The Blood Horse)

Before You Buy
What to Expect When Owning a Horse (AAEP)
What You Should Know About Buying a Horse (AVMA)
My Horse University (Michigan State University)
The Responsibility of Buying and Owning a Horse (Farrier and Doug Butler Enterprises)

Information for Horse Owners
Rehabilitating the Neglected Horse Brochure
Own Responsibly Booklet
The Charitable Contributions of Horses (AHC)
The Charitable Contributions of Horses - 2005 Update (AHC)
Euthanasia: The Most Difficult Decision (AAEP)
How do I know it's time? Equine euthanasia (AVMA)