Additional Assistance

The following are links to organizations that may or may not accept horses, but are additional resources to help unwanted horses and their caretakers.

Arizona Coalition for Equines
ASPCA Bale-Out
Back in the Saddle Project Haybank
Becky's Gift
Care for the Horses
Colorado Horse Care Foodbank
Equine Protection Fund
Habitat for Horses Emergency Hay and Feed program
The Haybank
Heart of a Horse
Hoof and Hearts of Illinois
H.O.R.S.E., Inc. (FL)
Kentucky Horse Council Safety Net
Kentucky Horse Council: SOHO
National Equine Rescue Network
Maryland Hay Bank
Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition Haybank
Montana Horse Sanctuary
Mountain View Rescue Haybank
Oregon Haybank
Ripley's Horse Aid Foundation
SAFER Horse (CA)
Stamp Out Starvation of Horses
United States Equine Rescue League Equine Crisis Intervention

Castration Programs and Clinics
Animal Humane Society Gelding Project
Arizona Coalition for Equines
Back In the Saddle Project
Front Range Equine Rescue
Horse Plus Humane Society
Kentucky Horse Council Geld Voucher Program
LongHopes Donkey Rescue (for jacks)
Maryland Fund For Horses Good to Geld
Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Gelding Project
Minnesota Horse Council Gelding Project
Montana Horse Sanctuary
National Equine Rescue Network/a>
National Mini Donkey Gelding Incentive Program/a>
Nor Cal Equine Rescue Gelding Program
North Carolina Horse Council Geld Voucher Program/a>
Operation Mississippi Horses
Ripley's Horse Aid Foundation
Stallion to Gelding Support
United States Equine Rescue League Equine Crisis Intervention

Vaccination Programs and Veterinary Programs
Becky's Gift (NH)
Care for the Horses
Heart of a Horse
Maryland Fund for Horses Veterinary Rebate Program
Montana Horse Sanctuary
Oregon Hay Bank Hoof Care and Veterinary Assistance
Sound Equine Options Emergency Veterinary Care
Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign
United States Equine Rescue League Equine Crisis Intervention

Euthanasia Programs and Clinics
Back in the Saddle Euthanasia Clinic
Equine Protection Fund
Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary
Front Range Equine Rescue
Horse Haven of TN Act of Compassion Program
Horse Plus Humane Society
Montana Horse Sanctuary
MA SPCA Equine Assistance Program
National Equine Rescue Network
North Carolina Horse Council Euthanasia Support
Sound Equine Options Euthanasia Clinic
ASPCA Horse Disposal Options
HSUS Horse Disposal Options by State
Horse Disposal Options
Indiana Horse Rescue Euthanasia and Disposal Information
Pet's Rest- Cremation Services (CA)

AQHA Greener Pastures Program/Full Circle Program
American Saddlebred Horse Association 'My Meadows' Program
Equine Protection Fund
Fleet of Angels (transportation for at-risk equines)
The Jockey Club Checkoff Program
The Jockey Club Tattoo Lookup
Kentucky Horse Council SoHo Fund
Rescued to Ride
US Trotting Association Halters for Hope
US Trotting Association Full Circle program

Racetrack Aftercare Programs
Aftercare Liaison Contact Information and Affiliated Aftercare Organizations
Gulfstream Park Thoroughbred Aftercare Program

Informative Sites
Animal Cruelty Laws by State
Equine Rescue Resource Website
GFAS Rescue and Sanctuary Accreditation
Helping Equine Horse Rescue Organizations
Online Database of Rescues and Rescue Related Events
Online Network of Animal Protection Societies

Equine Welfare Grants
American Association of Equine Practitioners Funding/Grants
American Saddlebred Grant Application
Arizona Coalition for Equines
Brennan Equine Welfare Fund
Colorado Horse Alliance Grants
Bayer Animal Health Award
Equine Rescue Information on Grants
Equine Welfare Fund
Equus Foundation
GFAS Grants
Grants for Non-Profits: Animal Welfare
Grants Information and Collection
Iowa Horse Council Equine Welfare Grant
LifeLine Grant Program
Minnesota Horse Council Equine Grant
National Equine Rescue Network
Nebraska Horse Council Equine Grant
New Jersey Horse Council Horse Rescue Fund
North Carolina Horse Council Equine Grants
Wisconsin State Horse Council Equine Foundation

Free Equine Related Classified Ad Sites
All Vegas Horses
Equine Rescue Network
Saddle 'Em Up

Additional Sites
After the Finish Line
Donate My Horse.Com
The Equine Protection Network
Equine Rescue Network
The Equus Foundation
Friends of Ferdinand
The Maryland Horse Council Unwanted Horse Project
The Maryland Fund for Horses
National Equine Welfare Council (UK)
Thoroughbred Charities of America

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