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Media Roundup

The UHC continues to spread the word about unwanted horses through its monthly Media Roundup. The news summary is sent out via e-mail and contains articles that detail what organizations in the community are doing to understand and help solve the problem. It also reports on the activities within the UHC.Media Roundup resumed in March  … Read more

Books for Purchase

Books for Purchase How to Start and Run and Rescue The UHC offers Dr. Jennifer Williams’ book, How to Start and Run and Rescue. The book, which was donated to the UHC by member organization, The Equine Network, in 2012 is a valuable resource for those looking to start a rescue or for established equine  … Read more

Additional Info

Additional Info Before You Buy What to Expect When Owning a Horse So you have decided that you want to take the leap and the join millions of others who own a horse? Much like any large animal, horses rank high in the category of responsibility. With improvements in nutrition and health care, horses are  … Read more

What are my options if my horse dies or must be humanely euthanized?

There are several commonly used methods of equine carcass disposal including burial, landfills, composting, incineration, rendering, and biodigesters. Regulations regarding disposal vary greatly from state to state. In some locales, it is illegal to bury a chemically euthanized horse because the high levels of barbiturate make the carcass an environmental hazard. The average cost to  … Read more

UHC Materials

UHC Materials UHC handbook, Own Responsibly: Guidance for Current and Potential Horse Owners from the Unwanted Horse Coalition A handbook that includes detailed chapters on the responsibilities of horse ownership. UHC handbook, Best Practices: How Your Organization Can Help Unwanted Horses A handbook that details initiatives and activities organizations can undertake to help reduce the  … Read more

Related Articles

Additional Info The “Unwanted” Horse in the U.S. The issue of the large number of unwanted horses in the U.S. first came to light following the 2001 Foot and Mouth disease epidemic in Europe. The European consumer’s concern with eating beef resulted in an increase in their consumption of horsemeat. This change drew media attention  … Read more

Unwanted Horses

Unwanted Horses In 2007 it was estimated that approximately 170,000 horses go unwanted each year. These so-called “unwanted horses” may be sick, injured, or old. They may be unmanageable, unridable, or dangerous, or may have otherwise failed to meet their owner’s expectations. In many cases, unwanted horses are healthy horses that become more of a  … Read more

UHC Continues to Compile List of Facilities to Accept Horses

September 11, 2008, WASHINGTON, DC. The Unwanted Horse Coalition seeks more facilities that accept, place, or use horses to list themselves on the UHC website. Currently, there are over 200 facilities listed. “This is a continuing process for the coalition,” said Dr. Tom Lenz, UHC chairman. “We have received many inquiries not only from horse  … Read more

Andersen Named Director of the Unwanted Horse Coalition

August 25, 2008, Washington, D.C. The Unwanted Horse Coalition is pleased to announce the arrival of Julia Andersen, who will serve as Director. Andersen came to the UHC with a versatile background in communications and lifelong passion for horses. While receiving undergraduate degrees in Rhetoric/Communications and Fine Arts from Mount St. Mary’s University, Andersen also  … Read more