The Unwanted Horse Coalition has a limited amount of funds available to assist those groups interested in conducting gelding clinics throughout the United States. Funding is intended to assist the clinic with the cost of medication and/or personnel to perform the gelding services.

The maximum that can be awarded is $1,000 per application and is paid out at the rate of $50/horse. Funding will be awarded to organizations once every 365 days for one-day clinics. Funding will be approved in advance. However, the monies will not be disbursed until the UHC receives the attached verification form from the veterinarian either supervising or performing the procedures.

Information Required

Name of organization:

Date of Operation Gelding Clinic:

Location of Operation Gelding Clinic:

Mailing Address:

Contact person(s)

Relationship of individual with organization for which funds are requested:

Phone number:

FAX number:

Email address:

Total amount of funding requested:_$

AAEP-Member Veterinarian Reference (Name and Phone Number):

List all other sources of funding and the amount contributed by each*:

* The Unwanted Horse Coalition considers each request carefully and deliberately, so Funding Applications should be returned at least 30 days prior to clinic date.

The completed form with any supporting documents should be submitted to:

Ashley Furst, Director
Unwanted Horse Coalition
1616 H Street, NW
7th Floor
Washington, DC 20006
202-296-4031 (phone)
202-296-1970 (fax)

Submitted by (type or print name):