UHC Materials



UHC Handbook, Join the Effort: Programs to Help Unwanted Horses

A handbook that details initiatives and activities organizations can undertake to help reduce the number of unwanted horses and includes examples of programs already in place.

UHC Brochure, Preventing Unwanted Horses: Own Responsibly

A brochure that describes the Coalition, its activities, its goals, and the services it provides to members of the horse industry.

UHC brochure, Preventing Unwanted Horses: Geld and Spay

A brochure highlighting the benefits of gelding, spaying, and hormone therapy for mares as these practices pertain to equine health and responsible horse ownership.

2009 Unwanted Horse Survey

The results of a national survey taken by more than 27,000 horse owners, equine industry stakeholders, rescue and retirement facilities, and non-horse owners regarding the issue of unwanted horses, the causes, solutions, and implications.