Books for Purchase

How to Start and Run and Rescue
The UHC offers Dr. Jennifer Williams’ book, How to Start and Run and Rescue. The book, which was donated to the UHC by member organization, The Equine Network, in 2012 is a valuable resource for those looking to start a rescue or for established equine rescues wishing to improve their business. The book addresses important topics such as founding a non-profit, fundraising, recruiting, public relations and marketing, networking, insurance, and equine adoption programs, among other things. Dr. Williams has started and run two successful rescue organizations, Lone Star Equine Rescue and Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society. The UHC offers How to Start and Run a Rescue for $20 including shipping and handling. All proceeds benefit Operation Gelding.

Standardbred Old Friends
Standardbred Old Friends, a collaborative effort between Ellen Harvey of the United States Trotting Association and award-winning photographer, Barbara Livingston, is the third in the well-known Old Friends series. While Livingston’s first two books, Old Friends and More Old Friends, revisit Thoroughbred racing legends in their retirement, Standardbred Old Friends focuses on the distinctly American breed, “descended from ancestors who trotted to church on Sunday and worked the fields on Monday.” Alongside Livingston’s stunning portraits of these retired champions are Ellen Harvey’s stories detailing the lives of these horses both on the track and after the winner’s circle. The UHC offers Standardbred Old Friends for $35, including shipping and handling. All proceeds benefit Operation Gelding.