Programs to Help Unwanted Horses and How Your Organization Can Make a Difference

Join the Effort to reduce the number of unwanted horses

Many members of the horse industry have undertaken new and successful initiatives over the last decade to address the issue of unwanted horses. Adoption programs, education about responsible ownership, and increased rescue and retirement options have all helped create a better life for these horses. However, each year, thousands of horses still end their days without a job, unneeded, unusable, and unwanted. It’s time to get more people involved.

The UHC’s Join the Effort publication highlights current industry initiatives, both big and small, plus offers specific ideas and resources to encourage and inspire industry stakeholders to recognize and help solve the problem. 

It takes just one person in an organization to make a difference. Will you be that advocate who prevents unwanted horses in your segment of the industry? You can start at the walk with small efforts or canter on to more large-scale programs. Every step moves us closer toward our goal: reducing the number of unwanted horses.

As an online-only document, we have the ability to add new programs and ideas frequently.  If you know of a program or already offer resources to help unwanted horses, let us know, so we can share it with others. 


Doug Corey, DVM                Jennifer Purcell, PhD
Chair                                      Director

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Contact the UHC if you would like to add or remove a program to the Join the Effort publication and listing below.   

See the UHC Materials page for a list of other materials available through the UHC.


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