Lack of identification is a major barrier to safe transitions for horses in the United States. By providing easy access to microchipping for horse owners and horse rescues, the UHC hopes to achieve the industry’s collaborative goal of Owning Responsibly and providing opportunities for at-risk horses. 


There are two different ways in which organizations can participate in Operation Chip:

  • Organizations hosting Operation Gelding clinics can apply for up to 20 microchips to be implanted in the horses participating in the clinic.

  • Registered 501c3 rescues can also apply for up to 20 microchips to be implanted in horses in their care.


Wondering how this program will work? Check out our guide for more information.


Interested in applying for microchips? 


How do I get a scanner? Download the Scanner Application here.


The UHC would like to say thank you to The Right Horse Initiative for the grant to help get this program off and running!

The UHC has partnered with MicrochipID Equine to provide the microchips for the program.