Rescue and Retirement Information

Rescue and retirement facilities play a critical role in providing care or finding new owners for horses that are considered unwanted.

If you have decided that a rescue or retirement facility is the best option for your horse, we strongly encourage you to read the”Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities,” developed by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, to ensure that the facility you are considering operates by these guidelines.

Although the vast majority of rescue and retirement facilities are run honestly and with the horses’ best interest in mind, it is a good idea to tour the facility before committing. This can help give you an idea of the people who will be caring for your horse, of the level of care provided, and of the values and mission of that facility.

Equine rescue and retirement facilities can be found using any search engine or by referring to our “Facilities that Accept Horses” page.

The UHC is not affiliated with nor does it endorse any one facility. We are not responsible for the claims made by individual facilities.

Facilities that Accept Horses