The UHC Resource Database is a collection of organizations, agencies, and any other group or individual who has the ability to provide any of the items below, or any other asset not listed that could be used for the betterment of horses at risk, or in transition.

For more information, please click the individual links. If you need further assistance or guidance, please contact UHC:

Resources for Current Owners:

  • Facilities that accept horses (what to ask before surrendering/retiring a horse.)
  • Feed and Hay Safety Net Programs
  • Castration programs and clinics
  • Funding for Veterinary Care
  • Euthanasia programs and clinics (info on helping to make a euthanasia decision)
  • Racing aftercare, placement, and training.
  • Other programs

Resources for Prospective Owners:

  • Is Horse Ownership right for me?
  • Basic Horse Care and Costs
  • Alternatives to buying a horse
  • Finding “The Right Horse”

Resources for Rescues/Sanctuaries:

  • Guidelines for Rescues
  • Accreditation
  • Match Horses with Adopters
  • Non Profit Management/Fundraising
  • Equine Welfare Grants
  • USTA financial assistance